Accelerate catalyst reaction times and realize accurate, consistent, traceable results.

Conducting research in molecule construction requires a specific set of parameters that, when programmed according to your research, deliver the most accurate results possible.

The technology behind the Photoreactor m2 gives you the control you need in an integrated, benchtop module. The m2 includes:

  • A detachable LED module in four different wavelengths for even, high-intensity illumination
  • Reflector tube
  • Vial holder for single or multiple reactions
  • An easy-to-use interface that allows you to directly input each reaction variable so you can standardize your process and realize efficiencies. 

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Choose your reaction time from 1 to 99 hours



Adjust from 1 to 100 percent to maximize the number of photons per reaction


Stir Rate

Select from 200 to 2,000 RPM



Modulate the RPMs from 2800 to 6800 to determine how much the temperature changes throughout the reaction.

Why Acceled

Photoreactors with 450nm for both suspended cells and adherent cells.

High Intensity Irradiation <30 Seconds


Even Illumination Without Edge Effects


Fully Integrated Light Source, Fan, and Stirring

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Acceled Photoreactor m2

Photoreactor m2

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