Who we are

Engineers and scientists focused on bringing novel photocatalysis technology and products to researchers seeking to accelerate chemical reactions using photoredox catalysis.

What we do

We design, manufacture, and distribute the best-in-class tools for photocatalysis research. We support the researchers and scientists dedicated to solving real-world challenges in drug discovery, pharma, proteomics, and basic material research.

Our Mission

Provide researchers with photoreactor technology
that helps accelerate scientific discovery

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  • I find the m2 reactors to be especially well suited for reactions that require a high light intensity in order to obtain high yields. They are also very good at maintaining a consistent stir rate.

  • I had the Acceled PRm2 at AstraZeneca in Cambridge and found the photoreactor to be a superb piece of kit. Now that I've moved to Evotec I would love to purchase one.

  • Many reactions are better suited in the Photoreactor m2, especially when the reaction is photon-limited, as the higher intensities offer faster reaction times.

  • My reactions are run very concentratedly so I use a high stir rate, and the m2 reactors have given me great results in this regard.

  • The class of reactions that I am working on requires high light intensities for optimal performance, easily achievable with the m2.