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    Accelerate your research with single or multiple growth plate irradiations for optimized uniformity.
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    Photocatalysis tools for light sensitive reactions.

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    Results that are repeatable, traceable, and accurate.

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Integrated Photoreactors for Limitless Potential

Photocatalysis is an enabling process using concentrated light to create new reaction paradigms. The Photoreactor m2 was developed by pharmaceutical lab chemists to support photocatalysis research and accelerate drug discovery. The PRm2 is the only benchtop device enabling researchers to control reaction time, intensity, stir rate and temperature, allowing repeatable, traceable, efficient, and consistent results.

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Standardized time, light intensity, stir rate, and temperature push your research further to meet the challenges of complex, small molecule reactions.

Drug Discovery

Accelerate reaction paradigms and streamline the drug development process.


Cell Research

Enable the labeling of proteins and live cells with visible light photocatalytic reactions.


Gene Therapy

Illuminate and identify genetic material for repair or reconstruction to help cure disease. 


Proteomics Research

Identify protein interactions in cancer cells to help improve patient outcomes.


Materials Science

Discover and characterize materials by delivering the maximum amount of light to the source. 


Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Control critical parameters for consistent results across a wide range of chemical reactions. 

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